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We understand how critical it is to maintain and improve your technical training, particularly in an industry where technology is constantly changing. This is why we created the following library filled with technical resources from our top suppliers, available to you anywhere and at any time. Go ahead and learn at your own pace, and return often for the latest tips and best practices.

Our mission is to bring relevant technical information to today’s technicians. This is why we are always searching for the latest information to share with you, our valued customer. If you have recommendations for training, questions, or would like to report a broken link, please send an email to

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  • P0456 and P0442 Codes
  • Testing Ignition Coils and Multi-Coil Packs
  • Diagnosing Power Steering Pump Noise
  • How to Properly Shim a Starter Motor
  • Understanding EVO Steering Pumps
  • How to Properly Install Duckbill Seals
  • Principles of Magnetism for Automobiles
  • Basic Electricity for Service Techs: Ohm's Law, Current Flow, Opens & Shorts
  • How to Bleed Air out of a Power Steering System to Prevent Failures and Reduce Noise